Personalized Tour Planning

If traveling on your own is your way to go, jeana Dunphy can help with planning and making arrangements for your tours in Mexico and Guatemala. With 16 years of traveling experience in Mexico, she knows the prominent sites and also the hidden treasures. She has traveled in 30 of the states in Mexico, knows the sites, great hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping and guides in all areas. She has contacts in all areas. Let her make all the arrangements ahead of time for your comfort and ease of travel.

Contact Jeana at 322 222 6726 or by email.

In Memory of Mauricio

For those who traveled with me to Chiapas I know you will remember our guide; Patricio Ruiz Murphy.

I am so sad to say that Patricio died on St Patrick’s Day—he had just turned 50.

Patricio was an impressive presence with his height and always with his hat.  A wonderful storyteller, he could impart his vast knowledge without ever being boring.  He told of being taken by his Uncle Bishop Ruiz, into the Maya villages as a child and he never forget them. He was a passionate advocate for the indigenous people.

Calm and empathetic- filled with energy and life– we have lost an extraordinary man.

I have donated, from all of us at Beyond Vallarta Tours, to a fund for his children’s education. His daughter and son are both in college in Mexico City and Patricio was their sole support.