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All destinations are personally selected by Jeana Dunphy; places she loves and knows well and wants to share with her guests. Sufficient time is allotted to experience the destination and not just be a “pass through”. Excursions and explorations are planned for each day, as well as free time to “savor the essence”.

Jeana, or a professional tour director, accompanies each tour along with an English speaking local guide. Cultural and authentic experiences are part of each tour.

Accommodations are chosen for comfort, convenient central locations and to experience a taste of the local color; from hidden unique inns and magical retreats to 5 star hotels. Two receptions are provided for the guests to get to know one another, as well as two celebratory Dinners.

New Ideas

Tulum and more

Visit Mexico’s only beach front Mayan site. Set on a gorgeous beach with its jade green water and sparking white sand beaches it is a spectacular sight! Stay in a lovely beachfront property. While in the area we will explore a large cenote (deep water sink holes) and Ek Balan, an interesting Mayan city site.

Before leaving the area, we will travel to the town of Valladolid: a cozy, Colonial town.

Here we enjoy good restaurants and shopping (hammocks are the craft most known in the Yucatan).

We finish our trip with a visit to the amazingly beautiful flamingos in their habitat.

Antigua, Guatemala

Listed as #2 on the Travel & Leisure’s Top Cities in the World

We visit the beautiful UNESCO city of Antigua on our trip to Guatemala. I’m listing it here because of its most prodigious recent listing and because I want to share one of my absolute favorites.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Antigua, here is an opportunity to learn more. The city was the capitol of Guatemala from 1543 to 1776 when it was destroyed by several earthquakes. The buildings remain: some restored and some left as they were.

This city is a gem: a blend of restored Colonial architecture, dotted with ruins, cobblestone streets and church spires all nestled in a small valley among towering volcanoes.

Surprisingly, this is a very sophisticated city: fabulous restaurants of all cuisines and the best shopping in Guatemala.  There are many charming hotels and Inns, one of which we enjoy.


In the beginning of my travel career I spent 2 months in Panama and the surrounding area. I loved it and here is an opportunity to share the country with you and visit again.

It is surprisingly close to the US and only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Miami or three and a half hours from Mexico City.

There are several interesting areas to visit.

Panama City is known for its many natural harbors. It a sophisticated city with numerous skyscrapers (in fact it is 45th in the world for the number of its high buildings).  One and a half million people live there.

While in that area we visit Casco Viejo the preserved Old Quarter. It is a fascinating mix of architecture: Spanish and French.  A beautiful historical area with churches, government buildings and a lovely theater. There is also an area built during the days the US military was there for the building of the canal.

And of course, we visit the Canal. A world’s wonder.

My favorite part of traveling to Panama is visiting the Embera people. They live in many ways as they have for centuries. A very warm and welcoming people. We visit one of their villages and while in that area, enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of Panama.

A multi-faceted trip.



Visit exciting Bogota enveloped in a gorgeous natural setting, relax in the highlands with its endless rows of lush green coffee and be entranced by colorful Colonial Cartagena



Join us as we experience Mexico’s most southern state, Chiapas. This is a place of incredible natural beauty, with massive canyons and tumbling waterfalls...



Yucatan welcomes more visitors than any other area of Mexico. However it remains, with the exception of Chichen Itza, much less crowded and also the safest area in the country.



A rare destination that rewards even the most jaded of travelers-a place where indigenous life endures as before the Europeans. Grand landscapes, volcanoes over your shoulder...