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All destinations are personally selected by Jeana Dunphy; places she loves and knows well and wants to share with her guests. Sufficient time is allotted to experience the destination and not just be a “pass through”. Excursions and explorations are planned for each day, as well as free time to “savor the essence”.

Jeana, a professional tour director, accompanies each tour along with an English speaking local guide. Cultural and authentic experiences are part of each tour.

Accommodations are chosen for comfort, convenient central locations and to experience a taste of the local color; from hidden unique inns and magical retreats to 5 star hotels. Two receptions are provided for the guests to get to know one another, as well as two celebratory Dinners.



Yucatan welcomes more visitors than any other area of Mexico. However it remains, with the exception of Chichen Itza, much less crowded and also the safest area in the country.



A rare destination that rewards even the most jaded of travelers-a place where indigenous life endures as before the Europeans. Grand landscapes, volcanoes over your shoulder and stunningly beautiful lakes.