These are comments sent to us from clients who experienced one or more of our Beyond Vallarta Tours. Please feel free to send us your comments.

We went on Jeana’s inaugural tour of Guatemala. I’ve always been interested in visiting there and was not disappointed. Our initial stop was the Lake Atitlan area for three nights. The beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. We could easily have spent additional time there exploring the many villages surrounding the lake. On the way to Antigua, we stopped at the ruins of a Mayan city which were located in a peaceful parklike setting. Antigua is a classic Spanish style colonial city complete with all of today’s conveniences including a wide variety of restaurants. At dinner one night, we watched lava spew out and make its way down the steep slopes of a volcano–far from town. The coffee plantation we visited in Antigua was a pleasurable and very informative stop. As is usually the case, we learned that much more time and effort goes into coffee production than one might imagine.

All in all, a great trip for those who want to experience a unique travel excursion.

Doug Morgenson & Dan Tibbits, Guatemala
We loved the trip; the hotels, the itinerary, the guide, the lovely maid who washed and ironed my nightie, the group and the shopping. My purchases look great in our home. We were “happy campers”!
Nancy Patterson, Guatemala
Thank you for the trip to the Guatemala. I will always remember fondly our trip together: the sights and sounds and the wonderful camaraderie that we all shared. It was truly something special!
Roger Uscila, Guatemala
I have been on quite a few trips with Jeana and have actually been to Oaxaca twice. Oaxaca is a beautiful and very cosmopolitan city full of art and culture. I never quite understood Day of the Dead—what it meant to the Mexican people and how it is celebrated in Mexico. Because of the tour, I now understand what a beautiful part of Mexican culture the holiday is. The Mexican people seem to have a better understanding of death than we Northerners do, and being there and experiencing it, it has helped me to understand why. It was a great trip and I highly recommend it!
Patti Lestz, Day of the Dead
We went to Chiapas with BVTours. We had great accommodations, wonderful breakfasts and lovely dinners. We saw amazing places; Sumidero Canyon, Palenque, Mayan villages, rivers and waterfalls. Jeana was great; she was allwlays with us and without her this wonderful tour would not have been possible. We had a great time with members of the tour and in the end we were all like family.
Teresa & Henk Rysemus, Chiapas
I have fond memories of our visit to the beautiful rivers, towns and the Mayan ruins and especially Palenque, which I had always wanted to see. Traveling with a very knowledgeable leader like jeana made all the difference. She took care to see that all travelers were able to participate fully. I never felt left out as I have on other guided tours
Steve Stevens, Chiapas
The trip was so well planned and our care and comfort were primary to our guides and directors. We stayed in 1st class hotels with great restaurants, and we didn’t even have to haul our luggage. We would highly recommend this tour. It was a lot of fun!
Doug & Sue Morrison, Copper Canyon
Keep doing these tours Jeana! Your attention to detail and your ability to offer a classy travel experience is greatly appreciated.
Ruthanne Atkinson, Colonial Jewels
This was my first experience with Beyond Vallarta Tours, and found it a most positive experience. I found jeana to be well organized and creative in her planning. The Hotel was luxurious and situated in the city center, so that most of the points of interest were never far away. The meals were excellent. The city tours were well organized and there was always freedom and direction for individual exploration. I was able to come away with the feeling of having really experienced Mexico City.
Bill Wilson, Mexico City
We had a terrific time! We saw all the key sites,enjoyed a charming hotel, ate at fine restaurants and altogether got a real appreciation of the area. Jeana is a terrific tour director…upbeat, knowledgeable, organized, tuned into everyone needs and unfailingly patient.
Reena & Mike Hais, Oaxaca
A great way to see parts of Guadalajara I didn’t know. The visit to the silk designer alone was worth the whole trip. Plus I made wonderful new friends!
Bonnie Mott, Guadalajara
Although our Copper Canyon trip with Beyond Vallarta last season is in the past we are still savoring the experience.  We loved “riding the rails” together and witnessing the awesome natural wonders below, while enjoying the camaraderie, comfort and mobility afforded by our train transport. Meeting (and dancing with) Zorro, close up and personal in El Fuerte was a blast.  We were very appreciative of the lovely lodging throughout our adventure and especially blown away by the breath-taking vistas from our private balcony in our canyon hotel.  Learning more about the Tarahumara Indians, interfacing with them at the markets and school visits, and having the opportunity to purchase some of their exquisite baskets were a privilege. Thanks for yet another well-organized and memorable trip with Beyond Vallarta Tours.
Norma Schuh, Copper Canyon
What a fabulous trip! What a fabulous group of people!

This was our 5th trip with Jeana and Beyond Vallarta Tours and the absolute best group of belly laughs we’ve had.

Thanks to all for being such a warm caring congenial group.

Nancy & Tommy Patterson, Copper Canyon
Mike and I had a really wonderful time experiencing the Copper Canyon and the surrounding areas with all of you.

Jeana, thank you for being an extraordinary tour director and for making our entire trip flawless and fun.

So now what are we going to do to top this trip?

Kim Altman, Copper Canyon
The trip to Guatemala with Beyond Vallarta Tours is a unique opportunity to see this wonderful country. What a surprise to find a range of 33 volcanic mountains—3 of them active. Seeing the lava flowing down the side of the mountain, from our hotel, was a peak experience. So was traveling in a country with such a large indigenous population of native Mayan people, who have retained much of their culture and customs.

The extension to Tikal is not to be missed.

Judy Hinricks, Guatemala
The trip with Jeana to Oaxaca was fabulous and something I will remember always. I admired the way she organized the trip – it was so well done. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Janey Sweet, Day of the Dead
We went to Chiapas with Beyond Vallarta Tours. I think most often about Yaxchilan—a magical Mayan ruin on the Usumacinta River, separating Mexico from Guatemala. Any real traveler is always in search of the one special experience that transports one to a different time, place and mental state. This is one of those places. It will be forever etched in memory.
We so appreciate that jeana took us to San Cristobal and Palenque but additionally gave us a rare glimpse of a place seen by a privileged few. A place not included, no doubt, on any tour companies “highlights” or “best of” itinerary.
Doug Morgenson & Dan Tibbits, Chiapas
Thanks for a most delightful tour. Our guides were superb, accommodations excellent, itineraries well organized and planned and a wonderful group of people. A great trip! More than I expected. Loved your thoughtful planning and gracious receptions. I hope our schedule allows us to travel with you next year.
Virginia Fox, Colonial Jewels
I thought the trip was great in every way. Everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did. I really enjoyed seeing the changing scenery.
Lee Moriarity, Copper Canyon
We do not normally travel in tour groups, instead preferring independent travel. But Jeana made everything so easy, and at a price well with in our budget. We enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends whom we would not have met otherwise.We also appreciated her attentiveness and good nature enabling her trips to go smoothly, even when confronted with the inevitable changes. Jeana takes a personal interest in seeing to everyone’s individual needs–no small feat when dealing with a number of people and personalities who are traveling away from home. We also appreciate the balance between scheduled activities and free time. It makes for a perfect combination of group and independent travel.
Doug Morgenson & Dan Tibbits, Colonial Jewels
Once again, Jeana (Beyond Vallarta Tours) outdid herself with our five day visit to Mexico City: a well situated five-star hotel, excellent meals, and an imaginative program with enough free time and flexibility to allow for individual preferences.
Frank Letorneau, Mexico City
What we liked best about our Beyond Vallarta Tour; free time to explore on our own with suggestions of what to see, small group versus a “herd”, the tour was planned with class, great restaurant and hotel choices, wine on the bus. Great job! We will travel with you again. My friend and I went on the Sale-ing trip to Guadalajara this year with the Beyond Vallarta group and had a wonderful time. Jeana and Marsha are two great tour guides. They went out of their way to make sure we were all very comfortable on the bus ride, they had lovely food and they even had Champagne! Besides the well organized shopping stops, the experience was one we will always remember because it was so varried from really high end to great bargain hunting. The hotel was chic, the cocktail party was very nice and the dinner was delicious.
We truly got our monies worth and met a lot of great new friends whom we would never had a chance to encounter had we not taken this trip. We highly recommend doing this tour and experiencing Guadalajara in a very unique, safe and comfortable way.
Karen Jenanyan, Guadalajara
The Copper Canyon is far away – no question, but the super comfortable bus and the compatible group made for a very fun ride. The train was fantastic, traversing impossible terrain and gorgeous, remote scenery. Stays in beautiful hotels, great food, seeing a wonderful scenic part of Mexico, a knowledgeable and charming Mexican guide, exposure to the fascinating indigenous Tarahumara Indians – and buying lots of gorgeous baskets woven before our very eyes…. I loved it all. The hotel stay at the end, with all rooms overlooking the rim of one of the canyons, was an adventure in itself. And of course our leader, Jeana – always gracious, considerate, efficient and fun to be with. I had anticipated this trip for many years, and it surpassed my expectations!
Miriam Green, Copper Canyon
I want to make Puerto Vallarta travelers aware of the wonderful tour company we have in Beyond Vallarta Tours. The owner and director is jeana Dunphy who is the perfect person to travel with, a knowledgeable leader and experienced traveler who is tuned into her guests needs and travel desires.

I have traveled on 8 trips; all of which have been well planned and organized. We always stay at wonderful unique inns and hotels. Jeana accompanies all tours personally but hires the best guides who live and work in the area we are visiting. Special meals and events help to teach one about the culture. Time is divided between planned activities, learning about the sites, and sharing jeana’s hidden treasures.

There is always time to do your own exploring. It is a perfect balance between group and independent travel.

This country has so much to offer and I have been fortunate enough to have found Beyond Vallarta Tours!

Patricia Lestz, Multiple Tours
The highlight of our trip to Guatemala was the sand carpets and the procession in Antigua. The sand carpets are hard to describe and a must see in person. It is amazing to watch the people make the carpets in person with beautiful flowers, vegetables and colored sand and sawdust.
Bobbie and Paul Rowles , Guatemala