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Welcome to Beyond Vallarta Tours

Beyond Vallarta Tours is based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and specializes in customized in-depth tours of Mexico, Guatemala and soon to be announced– Colombia. Beyond Vallarta Tours has just celebrated it’s 12 Anniversary..

Jeana Dunphy, owner and director, brings her 20 year career as a tour director and her 50 plus years of Mexico travel, as well as her passion for the natural beauty and culture of Mexico, to each tour. Personally selecting each destination and all aspects of the tour, Jeana accompanies each journey, along with the services of a local guide.

Explorations, excursions and activities are planned daily but believing in the joy of discovery, ample free time is always available to personally savor the character of the destination.

Any great holiday combines remarkable sites and superb comfort. Accommodations are carefully chosen for comfort, central locations and to experience a taste of the local color.

Believing that cuisine is an essential part of travel, all Beyond Vallarta Tours enjoy celebratory dinners and cocktail receptions.

All tours are limited in the number for the maximum enjoyment of the guests.

In Memory of Patricio

For those who traveled with me to Chiapas I know you will remember our guide; Patricio Ruiz Murphy.

I am so sad to say that Patricio died on St Patrick’s Day—he had just turned 50.

Patricio was an impressive presence with his height and always with his hat.  A wonderful storyteller, he could impart his vast knowledge without ever being boring.  He told of being taken by his Uncle Bishop Ruiz, into the Maya villages as a child and he never forget them. He was a passionate advocate for the indigenous people.

Calm and empathetic- filled with energy and life– we have lost an extraordinary man.

I have donated, from all of us at Beyond Vallarta Tours, to a fund for his children’s education. His daughter and son are both in college in Mexico City and Patricio was their sole support.

Latest Updates

We are working on the web site. The new schedule and new trips will be posted shortly.

Latest Comments

We went to Chiapas with Beyond Vallarta Tours. I think most often about Yaxchilan—a magical Mayan ruin on the Usumacinta River, separating Mexico from Guatemala. Any real traveler is always in search of the one special experience that transports one to a different time, place and mental state. This is one of those places. It will be forever etched in memory.
We so appreciate that jeana took us to San Cristobal and Palenque but additionally gave us a rare glimpse of a place seen by a privileged few. A place not included, no doubt, on any tour companies “highlights” or “best of” itinerary.

Doug Morgenson & Dan Tibbits, Chiapas
Being a snow-bird in Mexico is delightful but traveling in Mexico is the frosting on the cake. Even better is traveling under the guidance of Beyond Vallarta Tours. Jeana scopes out the good and shares it with us. See Mexico with Beyond Vallarta Tours!”
Richard & Barbara Harper, BVTours travelers

The trip to Guatemala with Beyond Vallarta Tours is a unique opportunity to see this wonderful country. What a surprise to find a range of 33 volcanic mountains—3 of them active. Seeing the lava flowing down the side of the mountain, from our hotel, was a peak experience. So was traveling in a country with such a large indigenous population of native Mayan people, who have retained much of their culture and customs.

The extension to Tikal is not to be missed.

Judy Hinricks, Guatemala
Thank you for all you do for all of us. We would never be able to travel Mexico and Guatemala without your wonderful offers. We appreciate the great hotels and guides and the friendship with fellow travelers. Each experience has been different and educational as well as fun!
We are truly Jeana’s Junkies!”
Tommy and Nancy Patterson, Numerous Tours

Thanks jeana for a most delightful tour! Our guides were superb, accommodations excellent, itineraries were well organized and planned and the group was a wonderful mix.

It more than fulfilled our expectations!

We loved your thoughtful planning, and gracious receptions.

I hope our schedules allow us another trip with you.

Virginia and Cal Fox, Guatemala

We went to Chiapas with BVTours. We had great accommodations, wonderful breakfasts and lovely dinners. We saw amazing places; Sumidero Canyon, Palenque, Mayan villages, rivers and waterfalls. Jeana was great; she was allwlays with us and without her this wonderful tour would not have been possible. We had a great time with members of the tour and in the end we were all like family.

Teresa & Henk Rysemus, Chiapas