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Dates: April 15-20, 2019 | Details: TBA

Zacatecas Cultural Festival

The beautiful city of Zacatecas is a great surprise; high into the mountains at over 8000 ft, it shines with magnificent pink sandstone Colonial buildings and an amazing number of excellent museums.

As the most Northern of Mexico’s fabled silver cities it does not get the number of tourists that the others do, however Zacatecas is an amazingly artistic place with much to offer.

We visit the stunning Colonial Center which is a Unesco World Heritage Site; a highlight is the cathedral which is the ultimate example of Mexican Baroque.

There are an astounding number of museums in Zacatecas due to the presence of 2 brothers who were artists and lived in Paris during the 1950’s. Pedro Coronel brought back art works from Picasso, Dali, Miro, Goya, Chagall and more. His brother Rafael created an amazing folk art museum which houses over 3000 masks. The museum itself, housed in a 16th century ex-convent is worth a visit just to see the grounds and gardens alone.

We travel outside the city to the Cero de la Bufa and ride the Teleferico for terrific views! Visiting the famed Eden mine from a miniature train is a fun and interesting experience.

And don’t forget shopping; we visit a cooperative with many silver designers making unique designs.  The city is also known for many good restaurants; one in the former bullring.

Leaving the city and traveling to the small Magic Town of Jerez—is taking a step back in time. Beautiful buildings in perfect condition, a Moorish styled theater from 1870, men playing checkers in the park and hitching posts outside of the bars and restaurants and lots of cowboy hats!

The next, and last, day of our visit we change eras and visit the newest winery in Mexico. The facility is very contemporary, no expense was spared and the award-winning wine is very good!

All of this and we haven’t even talked about the Cultural Festival. This is a festival known and well respected all over Mexico. The performers come from all over Mexico as well as internationally. Performances are held in 4 stages set up all over the city, 3 theaters, the cathedral and many museums There are approximately 130 different acts; classical, rock, Latin, jazz, new age, opera, symphony, theater. All types of dance; classical, flamenco, contemporary and folk. There are special exhibits in the various museums. You can see there is a plethora to choose from for all of us to enjoy. 90 % of the festival is free

Zacatecas is varied, beautiful, historic and interesting!

Tour Includes:
  • Pick up and drop off at the Zacatecas airport
  • Transportation in a Sprinter
  • The services of a local guide
  • accompanied by jeana Dunphy
  • 5 nights in a superbly located luxury hotel
  • 5 Breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 Cocktail Receptions, 2 Celebratory Dinners
  • Private tours to the El Eden mine, the Guadalupe Convent, the town of Jarez
  • A special tour, tasting and dinner at the winery
  • Private trolley tour of the city
  • Tips are covered to the bellmen, maids and personnel at the hotel as well as at all included meals. (Not covered are tips to the local guide and the driver)
Per Person Double Occupancy


Per Person Single Occupancy


Additional Information

Level 1– Easy
Level 11– Moderate
Level 111– difficult.

This trip is Level 11

Keep in mind that we are at over 8000 ft. The city is very busy for the festival.  Vans are not allowed close into the city so walking short distances is required. I have selected a very convenient hotel to minimize walking. Any trips outside of the city are by Sprinter.

The hotel has an elevator.

This trip was Sold Out in 2018. You can reserve early by contacting jeana at: